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What’s that in the sky? Seeing astrology in action March 1, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.

News from the Stars

Time Zone AEST

2nd March Mercury enters Aries

5th March Venus enters Taurus

8th March Full Moon in Virgo at 8.93 pm

12th March Mercury goes retrograde in Aries

14th Venus conjunct Jupiter – a beautiful sight!

20th March Autumn Equinox as the Sun enters Aries

23rd March New Moon in Aries at 1.37am

24th March Mercury re-enters Pisces while going retrograde



What’s that in the sky?

For all you night owls

I have arranged something special for you!! J To take advantage of it make sure you look westward in the early evening as Venus and Jupiter come closer and closer until 14th March when they are at their closest.  Let the Moon be your guide as she will between these two brilliant lights on 26th March. Venus is lower and Jupiter the highest light.

Mercury is making a very fleeting appearance for a few days in the early evening as he follows the Sun down. He looks like any other star, but he “moves” against the stars in the background. That’s why we know he is a planet! Mars is in the east and rising higher and higher as the month passes.

The Pleiades are still visible and are between Venus/ Jupiter and the bright star Aldebaran in the eye of Taurus the Bull.  

The so-called Harvest Full Moon is on the 8th March. In the past, farmers depended on the light of the Harvest Moon to gather ripening crops late into the night.


For all you early birds

Mars is setting in the east and Saturn is high overhead but slowly moving to the east as the month passes. The best thing about being up early is watching the magnificent Scorpion move high overhead. Look at the Milky way and look for a huge smooth curve of stars until you reach the sting in his tail.  Let the Moon be your guide as on the 14th March the Moon will be between the Scorpions nippers and on the 15th the Moon will be below the stinger!

The Southern Cross is visible in the South. Look for the two brilliant stars known as the Pointers; perhaps because they point to the Southern Cross! The cross is nearly upright and will lay over more and more as the month passes.



Birthday Greetings go out to


Pisces 18 Feb to 19 March


“I am myself and what is around me, and if I do not save it, it shall not save me.”           Ortega Y Gassett


Aries 20 March to 19 April


The Aries animal is the Dingo who restlessly prowls the country side.














































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